Etacel is a company that specializes on the processing of natural stones used in construction and decoration of interiors. Since 1993 that we have been working with the best Portuguese natural stones, with special emphasis on the limestone, as is the case of the Moca Cream, Moleanos, Azul Valverde and Semi Rijo.

In its early years, Etacel dedicated much of its time to supplying the domestic market. However, since 2000 that we have been focusing on exports as an alternative to the national market. Today, we are proud to say we have a wide portfolio of clients all over the world and a portfolio of projects in various countries.

The production process of our company begins in the quarry. Due to the partnerships we have developed in recent years with several quarries from which are extracted some of the most diverse materials, we have access to the best stone required both in terms of quantity and quality. Thus, we have total control over the production process, ensuring the highest quality to our customers.

Etacel are proud to work natural stone with the accuracy and quality needed to satisfy the most demanding clients. Allied to these factors is the constant technological innovation, and understanding of the demands of processing natural stone. In this way we ensure that our work is in accordance to the highest standards, having the ability to respond to both small and large scale projects.

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